EastEnders: Dot breaks down after being branded “a menace to society”

Kim lashed out in the wake of Dot's car accident


Dot Branning has been left in tears during tonight’s EastEnders after facing flak from the Walford regulars following her car accident.


Scenes just broadcast on the BBC1 soap saw the police inform Dot of the need to report her to the DVLA after it became clear to officers that she had eyesight issues.

A shaken Dot then returned home, but was soon confronted by Jack who banned her from seeing grandson Matthew after putting his life at risk.


Later on, Abi confronted Jack and blasted him for the way he spoke to Dot – all of which led to him eventually apologising for his harsh words.

But Dot was to then face further criticism when a fuming and drunken Kim learned about Dot’s accident and took it upon herself to confront her.


Kim did, of course, take the blame for a prang in October 2016 that saw her car collide with Dot’s. But, in the light of Dot’s latest incident, Kim now decided that Dot must have been responsible and ended up calling her “a menace to society”.


Dot, though, found the lambasting too hard to take and broke down in tears. Kim – realising that she’d taken things too far – comforted the Walford icon, but will Dot be able to regain her confidence following this setback? Or is this blow to difficult to deal with?

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