Emmerdale: Rakesh is kidnapped – but who by?

Someone wants to teach the slippery lawyer a lesson


Conniving Rakesh Kotecha is in for a shock next week when he gets kidnapped and tormented – but who’s got it in for the shifty legal eagle? The real question is: who hasn’t?!


On Monday Rakesh and Priya’s announcement that they’re back together gets a reception best described as ‘mixed’. Most people are horrified Priya has taken him back – especially Nicola, who suffered life threatening injuries at the Mill Cottage fire Rakesh staged for the insurance money.

The next day, Jimmy overhears Rakesh telling David he’s got a new job abroad, so Mr King stirs it by revealing to David that Rakesh started the fire. Angered by the info, the hopping mad Metcalfe vows to stop Rakesh and Priya taking Amba overseas.

At the end of the episode, Rakesh is whacked over the head and passes out – but whodunit?

All is revealed on Wednesday when Rakesh awakes tied to a chair and comes face to face with his tormentor…

Who is the mystery hostage taker, and will Rakesh escape unharmed? 

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