Emmerdale: Laurel kisses Marlon – and Carly finds out!

A moment of madness for lonely Laurel could ruin her ex’s romance


Lonely Laurel Thomas has a moment of madness in Emmerdale next week when she kisses ex-husband Marlon.


Visiting husband Ashley, who is suffering with dementia, in the care home, Laurel is heartbroken when he doesn’t recognise her again. Although Ashley seems happier in full-time care, his condition means he doesn’t know his wife any more, and has developed a close friendship with fellow resident Maggie.

Returning from the home in a bit of a state, ex-husband and close pal Marlon comes to offer his support. But when he puts a friendly arm around her, lonely Laurel gets the wrong idea and swoops in for a kiss – just as Ashley’s dad Sandy walks in! Mortified doesn’t even begin to cover it for the couple.


Knowing it will be pretty awks, Marlon decides to bite the bullet and tell girlfriend Carly straight away. Will she believe her man that the kiss was completely one-sided and that Laurel is just in a vulnerable place? Will she have second thoughts about moving in with Marlon?

And what about Sandy’s reaction – Laurel’s actions could be viewed as the ultimate betrayal of his sick son.


Laurel is desperate to make amends and explain herself, and on Thursday she collars Carly at a girls’ get together. But will she end up making things worse?

The pair end up having a big chat, and Carly comes to a decision about her future with Marlon. Has Laurel wrecked their romance? 

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