Coronation Street: Sally stages a protest against sexual harassment

Girl power in Weatherfield as Sal makes a statement


Sally Metcalfe embarks on her latest campaign for social change next week on Coronation Street, staging a protest against sexual harassment. Is there nothing this woman can’t do?


Discovering with abject horror the truth about daughter Rosie’s drug mule scandal on Monday, Sally feels she’s let her eldest down and had no idea her career had hit the skids to the point she started ferrying cocaine across the Atlantic. She decides to put her family first and help Rosie and Sophie on their window cleaning round.


But when one of the builders makes a lewd comment at Rosie while Ms Webster is out working in Wednesday’s episode, Sal is incensed at the blatant sexism on display.

Spotting a new cause, Councillor Metcalfe makes an official complaint to the site foreman – and when he doesn’t take her seriously she commandeers a megaphone and launches a one-woman protest against sexist behaviour!

Mortified Tim begs his wife to pack it in, but this is Sally we’re talking about – by Friday she’s roped in half the women of the Street to join her campaign for equality and there’s a full-scale picket going on at the building site.

And who’s the most radicalised of all? Only Rita Tanner – yes, the vivacious veteran is the one who chains herself to the railings when the builders suggest the girls give it up. Have the women of Weatherfield started a social uprising on the cobbles? 

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