Coronation Street: pregnancy fears for Bethany

And mum Sarah demands to meet creepy Nathan in person...


Bethany Platt is well and truly under manipulative Nathan’s spell, and in next week’s Coronation Street she takes drastic steps to keep her man.


Hanging out with two-faced Mel on Wednesday, still unaware she’s in on Nathan’s sleazy plans for Ms Platt, Bethany worries when her so-called mate warns her that now her relationship with Nathan is physical, he’d freak if she got pregnant and would probably dump her – then asks if the 16-year-old has considered getting a contraceptive implant.


Clearly this is all part of Nathan’s creepy sexual exploitation of the teenager, and it works a treat as Bethany decides to get the implant done in secret.

She doesn’t breathe a word to Sarah, but her mum is keen to know more about her daughter’s first proper boyfriend and pushes for more info on the mysterious fella.

Unsurprisingly Bethany is not keen on Sarah meeting Nathan, as she’s not let on he’s old enough to be her dad (plus we think Sarah would spot his sleaze intentions in a heartbeat).

But on Friday sneaky Sarah swipes Bethany’s phone when she’s not looking and leaves him a message inviting him for tea! Mortified Bethany flips when she finds out – what will happen when her mum meets Nathan in the flesh?

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