Coronation Street: Gail accuses Shona of stealing!

Meanwhlie, we STILL don’t know what her link to Kylie is


Coronation Street café worker Shona Ramsay clashes with Gail Rodwell next week, but the pair end up becoming friends. Will Shona reveal her mysterious link to Kylie?


There’s a ruckus in Roy’s Rolls on Monday when Gail discovers her purse is missing from her handbag. Immediately accusing Shona, David backs her up – well, Shona has got form with being light-fingered around that family, hasn’t she?

Despite a complete lack of evidence that Shona took it, Gail loses her rag and announces she’s boycotting the café. But when David then finds the purse back at the house, his mortified mum realises she’s made a big boo-boo.

Gail is forced to apologise to Shona through gritted teeth, and Ms Ramsay’s unimpressed with her lacklustre attempt at admitting she was wrong.

However, in Wednesday’s episode Gail makes more of an effort. Seeing Shona rushed off her feet and wanting to properly make amends, Gail insists on helping out.

We like the idea of these two being friends as it could finally shed some light on Shona’s mysterious link to Kylie – we still have no idea what that’s all about. Will Shona confide in her new friend she’s somehow connected to her deceased daughter-in-law? 

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