Amazon bring Alexa voice assistant to Fire TV Stick as part of major upgrade

Now you can talk to your TV and it might listen...


You may already shout at your TV when the wrong person gets voted off the X Factor, but very soon your cries could be answered as Amazon releases an upgraded Fire TV incorporating its Alexa voice assistant.


The new Fire TV Stick, which the tech company promises to be a super charged version of their fastest-selling ever-selling device, will allow users to control their television with voice controls, including accessing and controlling Amazon Prime Video content – as well as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, Curzon Home Cinema DisneyLife, BBC News and BBC Sport. The system also allows users access to apps and numerous “skills” that allow you to ask your TV questions and get instant answers on subjects like news, sport and weather.

The Alexa service, pioneered on Amazon’s Echo and Dot speaker systems, also allows users to order an Uber, get a takeaway delivered and play music through their TV without having to leave the sofa.


A first look at the new Amazon Fire TV interface

The new Fire TV Stick will launch on 6th April and is 30% faster than its predecessor, which Amazon say will offer less buffering and higher quality pictures and a “fluid” user experience. The device’s launch will also coincide with a refresh of the Amazon Fire TV interface, which has been redesigned to showcase the multimedia content available.


The Fire TV Stick will be priced at £39.99 and is available for pre order now.