EastEnders: Keegan wants revenge on Bex – but what’s his plan?

First Denise, now Bex - who will be next on the teen tearaway’s hit list?


Walford bad lad Keegan Baker is up to no good (again) in next week’s EastEnders. Never mind Max Branning’s secret plan to make life miserable for everybody, Keegan is clearly the one to watch.


In Monday’s episode, Keegs tells Shakil he’s got a plan to get even with Bex following recent events, and has another run-in with Denise in the Minute Mart. Thankfully Kush intervenes and Keegan is sent packing.

Now really fired up, the walking ASBO then reveals to Shakil and mean girl Alexandra what he’s got in store to humiliate Bex – whatever it is Shaki is horrified, but his loyalties are torn: should he stand up to the bullying Mr Baker, do the decent thing and defend his ex? Or should he do absolutely nothing because he’s too much of a wimp?

Three guesses what the answer is – suffice to say by Thursday’s episode Bex is mortified at Keegan’s actions and rails at Shaki for not defending her. Stepmum Stacey clocks something is wrong but Bex refuses to open up. Time to get the guitar out again perhaps… 


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