Freeview film of the day: In the Line of Fire

Eastwood and Malkovich play cat and mouse


In the Line of Fire ★★★★ 
9.00-11.45pm Sony Movie Channel


All good thrillers need a good heavy, and this has an excellent one in John Malkovich, an actor I normally find irritating. He plays a devilishly imaginative killer who not only plans to assassinate the US president but plays mind games with Secret Service agent Clint Eastwood in the process. Eastwood, still feeling bad that he couldn’t stop the assassination of JFK, warns his superiors of what is afoot, but they won’t listen and kick him off the presidential detail. So, like Inspector Callahan in Dirty Harry, Clint goes after the villain alone, or rather with the help – to say nothing of the sexual interest – of fellow agent Rene Russo. Clever, intelligent stuff and one of Eastwood’s best thrillers, which is saying something.


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