Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impression is so good this newspaper mistook him for the actual president

This is the best day ever


The Dominican Republic’s El Nacional newspaper has confused the actor Alec Baldwin with his spoof target, President Donald Trump. 


It is possibly the best review that Baldwin has received for his impression of the US President – a regular fixture on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

The newspaper published a photo of the actor alongside a caption calling him “Donald Trump, president of the USA”. The photo accompanied a news article about Israeli settlements, which also had a photo of (the actual) Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.


Baldwin’s impression may be convincing, but it is not the most flattering: it includes the actor slathering on orange make up and pouting constantly.

“The situation went unnoticed by those who revised page 19,” the newspaper said in a statement. “El Nacional apologises to its readers and anyone who felt affected by the error.”

Donald Trump has made no secret of his disregard for SNL, using his Twitter feed, of course, to lambast the programme. 


We are looking forward to hearing what Trump has to say about this latest development, in 120 characters of angry capital letters and exclamation marks.