Martin Kemp “loves the idea” of filling in on BBC Radio 2 again this summer

Hopefully we can look forward to more of: "Can Martin Kemp Really Talk To Pigs?"


He might have been likened to Alan Partridge by some listeners, but Martin Kemp has said he would love to come back to BBC Radio 2 this summer.


Last year, the Let It Shine judge and former Radio 1 host Fearne Cotton stood in as presenters for Graham Norton on his Saturday show.

“What I really hope is me and Fearne can do it again this summer,” Kemp exclusively told “It was just a joy. It was a joy working with her.”

What he isn’t too keen on, however, would be a permanent radio show of his own.

“I love doing radio,” he said. “But radio is a big commitment and you have to be in town on certain days every day of the year. It’d take some thinking about.”

During his stint, we can see what people meant about the Partridge-isms.

Alan started mooing during a debate about farmers, and at one point we were treated to Kemp oinking as he tried to get farmer Jimmy Doherty to translate what he was saying in a genuine segment called “Can Martin Kemp Really Talk To Pigs?”

All a bemused Fearne could do was look on and ask: “Is this really happening?”


Yep. And we want more of it this summer please, Martin.