EastEnders: Michelle’s toy boy lover arrives in Walford

Preston flies in as a Valentine's Day surprise!


EastEnders has introduced Michelle Fowler’s toy boy lover.


In a surprise kept under wraps until tonight’s episode was broadcast, teenager Preston Cooper turned up in Albert Square to surprise a shocked ‘Chelle for Valentine’s Day. And they say romance is dead…

Michelle revealed to best friend Sharon last month how her fling with the 17-year-old student wrecked her marriage, destroyed her career (she was his teacher, after all) and drove her back to the UK after 20 years in Florida.

Until now Preston has not appeared on screen, but towards the end of tonight’s episode he stepped out of the shadows (played by Martin Anzor, according to the credits) to approach a stunned Michelle, who was having quite a rubbish Valentine’s Day as the only card she got was a pity one from little brother Martin.

As soon as they laid eyes on each other, the pair were locked in a passionate and rather steamy embrace (‘Chelle obviously wasn’t lying when she told Sharon she was obsessed with the guy), so it appears despite the scandal surrounding their romance they’re both ready to pick up where they left off. 

Currently only Sharon knows the full story, so how will Michelle explain snogging a hunky American teenage boy in the middle of the street to the rest of her family? 


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