Coronation Street: “Nathan’s manipulation of Bethany will be uncomfortable to watch,” warns star Lucy Fallon

The Corrie star’s controversial grooming plot ramps up in next week’s episodes


Vulnerable teen Bethany Platt falls deeper under the spell of nasty Nathan Curtis next week, but still believes it’s true love.


Nathan’s sick manipulation of Bethany has been a slow burning story since the start of the year, beginning when he rescued her after a dramatic collapse in the ginnel. Showering her with complements while also preying on her insecurities, Nathan’s intentions may not be completely clear, but they’re certainly not honourable.

Next week Bethany reveals to stunned mum Sarah that she and Nathan are a couple. Despite Sarah’s insistence she stay away from him, Bethany is well and truly under his spell and Lucy Fallon reveals the situation will get darker for her character.

“Bethany has latched on to the attention Nathan has shown her. As far as she can see he’s showing a real interest, helping her with these online beauty tutorials. He makes her feel special and acts like he really cares, telling her she’s special and got loads of talent – that’s something Bethany hasn’t had in her life before.”

Fans aren’t fooled though, with the 20 year age gap and general sleazy demeanour setting off alarm bells. But blinded by love, Bethany believes this is the real deal. “In her eyes this is her first proper relationship. Nathan’s a lot older and the fact he’s interested in her is very flattering, it makes her feel grown up. Saving her from the ginnel made him Bethany’s knight in shining armour, but the audience spotted how he saw that situation as an opportunity.”

So far Bethany’s been reluctant to confide in her mum about her ‘boyfriend’, and Fallon reckons “she doesn’t want Sarah to get involved and ruin it just because she might be overprotective due to the age gap.

“Eventually she admits she stayed at his place when she doesn’t come home one night. Sarah goes mad but doesn’t want to end up pushing her daughter away, so even though she tries to ban her from seeing him she’s forced to backtrack and try and reason with Bethany in order to get through to her.”

As Nathan’s hold over Bethany increases, Fallon confesses the story has struck a chord with the fans. “Already on Twitter people are telling Bethany to stay away from Nathan I think they’re going to hate the way he manipulates her, it’s an uncomfortable watch but an important issue to tackle.

“It’s exploring how vulnerable people can be in relationships with controlling partners, especially if you’re a young girl. If Bethany was my friend I’d try and encourage her to step back from the situation and consider how they’re being treated – Nathan is trying to isolate her from her friends and family. I’d also try and get Bethany to think about why someone who’s 20 years older might be interested in a 16 year old.

“Corrie is dealing with a very sensitive subject matter so I was quite nervous about being given the storyline, but flattered at the same time. I hope we can do it justice.” 

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