Coronation Street: Jailbird Maria gets a visit from Liam

How’s prison life treating the criminal crimper?


Coronation Street catches up with jailbird Maria Connor next week when Liam visits his incarcerated mummy, and fans get to see Samia Longchambon for the first time since December when her character was sentenced to 12 months for a fraudulent marriage.


Eva prepares to take little Liam to the prison, while boyfriend Aidan tries to cover his guilt that he secretly confessed his love to his fiancee’s BFF (and distant sort-of cousin) just before she got sent down.

When they reach the visiting room, Liam throws his arms around Maria and there are tears all round. How Maria is surviving in prison is anyone’s guess, as she doesn’t exactly look like top dog material…

During the visit, Liam asks his mum if he can stay with Eva and Aidan rather than Uncle Kirk. Eva is well up for it, but of course Maria is more than a little hesitant considering her and Aidan’s complicated situation.

Fast forward to when Aidan gets home later that day to find Maria’s little boy has moved in. As if he wasn’t feeling guilty enough, how will Aidan react to this latest development? Will he feel pushed to confess to Eva about his secret relationship with Maria? Or could this turn out to be a handy rehearsal for when he dumps Eva for her and becomes ‘daddy’ to little Liam one of these days? 

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