Coronation Street: grieving Michelle meets Leanne’s baby boy – not knowing he’s also Steve’s son

More emotional scenes ahead for Kym Marsh in next week’s Coronation Street


The birth of Leanne’s baby stirs up difficult emotions for Michelle and Steve in next week’s Coronation Street.


Baby Olly arrives on Monday after Leanne’s dramatic labour while stuck in a lift, and Michelle and Steve struggle with a newborn baby on the Street so soon after the tragic death through early miscarriage of their own son, Ruairi.

On the very same day Leanne gives birth, Michelle and Steve go to the seaside to scatter their baby’s ashes.

Michelle is obviously emotional but genuinely happy for Leanne, and tells Steve they should visit the new mum at home. Steve is horrified but not just as it’s stirred up memories of Ruairi, but also because Olly is actually his son, the result of a secret one-night stand with Leanne last summer while him and Michelle were ‘on a break’.

Claiming it would be too upsetting to see a newborn baby, Steve stays away – and in moving scenes in Wednesday’s episode, brave Michelle visits Leanne.

The meeting appears to give Michelle some form of closure, and on Friday she tells Steve she wants to try for another baby. Steve is understandably apprehensive, but the couple agree to discuss it over a meal in the bistro.

With unfortunate timing, Gail has organised a party for her new ‘grandson’ at the eaterie at the same time. A difficult conversation for Steve and Michelle just got even more difficult… How will the couple cope now that Leanne’s baby is here? 

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