Coronation Street: Bethany falls deeper under Nathan’s spell

Can Sarah save her daughter – or is it too late?


Bethany Platt is drawn further into creepy Nathan’s clutches in Coronation Street next week when she reveals to horrified mum Sarah all about her new man.


Having spent the night at Nathan’s, Bethany arrives home the morning after in Monday’s episode and lies to Sarah someone nicked her phone while she was out so she crashed on a mate’s sofa.

But naughty Bethany is busted when Rana and Kate reveal they found the teen drunk in town the previous night, before seeing her head off with some guy she knew.

Livid Sarah demands the truth, and is stunned when her daughter admits she stayed the night at her new boyfriend Nathan’s flat – although she insists they didn’t have sex (of course she would say that, wouldn’t she…).

Despite her protests that Nathan is a nice guy (try not to shout at the screen) and was her knight in shining armour who saved her when she collapsed in the ginnel at Christmas, Sarah bans Bethany from seeing him again.

Sleazy Nathan has spent weeks grooming vulnerable Bethany, and she appears to be completely under his spell. Will she obey her mother’s orders and keep away from him? Or will Sarah’s attitudes work in Nathan’s favour and get Bethany exactly where he wants her? What do you think… 

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