Arrival director Denis Villeneuve thanks BAFTA for nominating Amy Adams after Oscars snub

The director praised the British Academy for recognising his "muse"


Arrival director Denis Villeneuve is just as upset about Amy Adams’ Oscars snub as the rest of us, so he was delighted to have her on the red carpet at last night’s Bafta Film Awards.


The actress was thought to be a shoe-in for an Oscar nod for her performance as a linguistics expert in the film about a group of aliens who landed on earth and attempted to communicate with humans. However, when the list of Academy Award nominees for Best Actress was revealed, Adams’ name wasn’t on it.

“I am so grateful that she got recognised by BAFTA. I was very disappointed that she didn’t get any Academy Award recognition”, Villenueve told on the red carpet at the Royal Albert Hall.

“She had all the movie on her shoulders, she was my muse, she was the spirit and the main inspiration for the movie. I am very grateful she’s here tonight with us”, he added.

Villeneuve was fairly grateful for his own nomination for Best Director too.

“When I got the nomination it was by far the biggest honour I have ever received”, he added.

Next up for the director is the hotly anticipated Blade Runner sequel, Blade Runner 2049. He’s keeping mum about what we can expect from Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling’s collaboration, but there is one thing he can say about it.

“I can tell you that Ryan Gosling is INSANELY good in the movie”, Villeneuve teased.


The BAFTAs were held at London’s Royal Albert Hall and attended by the likes of Meryl Streep, JK Rowling, Mel Brooks, Prince William and many, many more. 

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