Bafta Film Awards 2017 – as it happened

Will La Land Land dominate the prizes, or can I, Daniel Blake give it a run for its money?


It’s time for another glitzy evening of film, fun and fancy dresses, because the 70th British Academy Film Awards are here! Join us from 3.30pm as we follow all the red-carpet action, awkward political pontificating and shocking wins, live from the Royal Albert Hall.


Spoiler alert: La La Land may win something.

This live blog is now concluded

22.02: Anyway, that’s it from us here at at the Royal Albert Hall. I’ve been Huw Fullerton with Sarah Doran in the press room and Ellie Harrison in the winners’ conference, and you’ve been a LOVELY audience. I assume. 

I mean, I haven’t read the comments yet.

Anyway, goodnight! May your remaining evenings be filled with yet more speeches, fancy clothes and gaudy paperweights. Because really, isn’t that what life is all about?

(Spoiler: probably not, but for the purposes of this blog let’s say it is).


21.55: Quick note on what this means for Oscar predictions: very little. US awards like the Producers Guild of America, the Screen Actors’ Guild, the Directors’ Guild of America and even the Golden Globes are a far better barometer of future Oscar success from the Baftas, as they all share members and thus similar voting patterns. Across the pond, we’ve got a whole different stock of Bafta members, which muddies the waters somewhat.

Still, it seems safe to say that La La Land’s reign of terror will only continue, and Moonlight might get a bit more love in its own country. But (as I’ve unhelpfully been saying all night), who really knows? Maybe we’ll tune in two weeks from now and find that something completely different has swept the board.

All I know is, I’ll be keeping this image handy…

21.39: Anyway, that’s the ceremony more or less all over on our end – there’s still a bit to go on the TV, so hopefully you enjoyed our coverage enough to stick with us!

As noted, not the most surprising night, but personally I came here to eat mini cheddars and watch celebrities accept giant facial ornaments – and I’m all out of cheddars.

(OK, that joke would have made more sense at the beginning of the night, but it only just occurred to me. Aren’t you glad it’s out in the world, at least in some form?)

21.25: Mel Brooks thanks Harvey Weinstein for having nothing to do with his award, big hit with the room. IN-JOKE KLAXON.

21.22: Otherwise, not a super surprising evening. Decent spread of awards, somewhat dominated by La La Land – pretty much what anyone could have predicted.

21.19: Bit of a thought – happy as I am for Dev Patel, real shame for Moonlight to not pick up any awards. Oh well, they’ll probably do better at the Oscars.

Sorry, guys…

21.18: Simon Pegg and Nathan Lane here to sing the praises of the already-announced Mel Brooks.

21.17: The final award of the night is the Bafta Fellowship, presented by (as Stephen Fry called him) our President Prince Bill. Aka Prince William…

21.13: Well I never. Arrival won!

Nah, Just kidding, it was La La Land.

21.13: Side note: We’re now in the magical half-hour crossover when people are watching earlier parts of the ceremony. Hi newbies!

21.12: Anyway, here are the nominees. 

I, Daniel Blake
La La Land
Manchester By The Sea

You may not need to hear this, but La La Land is the frontrunner.

21.11: The big one – Best Film – is about to be announced by Noomi Rapace and Tom Hiddleston. Hopefully he can tonight Manage-her (or something, because he was in that TV show? Right? Sorry, It’s been a long evening).

21.10: Oop, she’s going political. Says the world is getting “divisive,” says she’s glad people can come together to celebrate the “positive gift of creativity” and “transcend borders”.

21.09: Ahem…

(Specifically Emma Stone for La La Land.)

21.08: Awkwardly, I had no idea Emily Blunt was nominated for this.

21.07: Steady Eddie (Redmayne) has taken to the stage to English his way through the Best Actress shortlist. Here’s the full list:

Amy Adams, Arrival
Emily Blunt, The Girl On The Train
Emma Stone, La La Land
Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins
Natalie Portman, Jackie

Emma Stone is the favourite for this one. My graphic-posting fingers are twitchy.

21.04: Backstage, we couldn’t resist asking Dev Patel about what his Skins character Anwar would be up to now…

According to the man himself: “If Anwar were here he’d be off his face right now.”

Truer words were never spoken.

21.03: And the winner is…Damien Chazelle! My PhotoShop subscription thanks you.

21.01: Mark Rylance makes a slightly more political point, that stories he grew up with – that it was right to help others, and that you were worth more than money – are being challenged by the new world order.

20.59: A rather unpolitical speech there. Imagine if Leo was up for Best Actor again! We’d be here all night.

Anyway, Mark Rylance is now here to beautifully drawl out the nominees for Best Director. Will I be able to use my sweet-ass graphic again? Only time will tell.

Here are the nominees:

Denis Villeneuve, Arrival
Ken Loach, I, Daniel Blake
Damien Chazelle, La La Land
Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester By The Sea
Tom Ford, Nocturnal Animals

20.57: Compares his talent unfavourably to the animators, musicians and acrobats he’s seen on stage tonight. He’s right – the absence of a Best Acrobat award is a heinous crime.

20.56: Nope, Casey Affleck still won. Some awards narratives are just too powerful.

20.54: Penelope Cruz is here to utter the immortal name of whoever wins Best Actor, and yes I am struggling to find new ways to talk about winning awards.


Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge
Casey Affleck, Manchester By The Sea
Jake Gyllenhaal, Nocturnal Animals
Ryan Gosling, La La Land
Viggo Mortensen, Captain Fantastic

I’d say it’s a lock for Affleck, but that’s what we thought about Mahershala…

20.51: Huzzah!

20.49: Kelly MacDonald and Ewen Bremner add a Scottish flair to the Cinematography nominations.

Sort of hope La La Land wins this, if only so I can use my “La La Land wins” picture again. Would have hated to go to that slight effort for nothing.

20.46: A final mic drop from Viola Davis to Donald Trump:

“Anyone who labels Meryl Streep an overrated actress doesn’t know anything about acting.”


20.45: Kenneth Lonergan wins for Manchester by the Sea – the film’s first win of the night, I believe.

20.44: Thandie Newton here to present Best Original Screenplay. Confusingly, most of the nominees also directed the films, presumably in an effort to make everyone else feel lazy.

20.43: Backstage, Fences star and Best Supporting Actress winner Viola Davis is lifting the lid on her working relationship with Meryl Streep.

“We are fun broads,” she told journalists – “especially when we’ve had a couple of sippy sips.”

On a celebratory night like tonight, we’re sure that can be arranged…

She also told and others: “I’m a woman I’m sexual I’m joyful I’m funny I’m tragic,” and that those sort of stories need to be told about people of colour as well as historical narratives.

20.39: It’s going to Curzon Cinema, which is nice.

Also, let’s take a sec to talk about Dev Patel. That was probably the biggest upset of tonight’s awards so far, with Mahershala apparently a lock after wins at the Golden Globes and SAG awards. Great for Dev, 10 whole years after Skins first aired!

Still, this doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll also triumph at the Oscars – he has a home advantage here. But even if he doesn’t, a Film Bafta is nothing to be sniffed at.

Anwar, we hardly knew ye.

20.37: She says: “We will always need a United Kingdom. Whatever happens.”

20.36: Isabelle Huppert here to present the Outstanding British Contribution award, cracks that she didn’t expect to be back “so soon” after winning Best Newcomer in 1978. She pulls it off.

20.34: Poignantly ends on Sir John Hurt holding a Bafta. Nice little montage – sure they’ll have missed someone out there that everyone will complain about though.

20.33: This has also reminded me that Anton Yelchin passed away SO young. Very sad.

20.32: Of course, the Carrie Fisher/Debbie Reynolds stuff continues to hit the hardest. 

20.29: Another Trump joke from Fry, making cracks about recognising the decision of the judges.

Oh, it’s time for the sad bit – the memorial reel. 

20.28: “Well, that just happened,” says Patel. “Words, words words….”

He thanks his family (who he’d normally be watching this with) and Sunny Pawar, who played the younger version of his character in Lion. Also self-deprecatingly disses his appearance, playing well to the Brit home crowd.

20.27: And the supporting man of the hour is…DEV PATEL!

20.25: Now here’s the Best Supporting Actor presented by Felicity Jones.


Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nocturnal Animals
Dev Patel, Lion
Hugh Grant, Florence Foster Jenkins
Jeff Bridges, Hell Or High Water
Mahershala Ali, Moonlight

Will favourite Mahershala Ali pull it off, or are we in for an upset?

20.24: Just joining us now? Here’s a list of the winners so far…

20.22: Under the Shadow wins that bad boy.

20.21: Less than 20 minutes until the Baftas start for you at home on BBC1. It’s like Doctor Who come to life, eh?

20.19: Jamie Dornan and Rafe Spall here to present the Outstanding Debut for a British Writer, Director or Producer.

Rafe ribbing Jamie for relying on his looks for work, Jamie ribbing Rafe for using his family connections (Rafe’s dad is veteran actor Timothy Spall). Uniquely tonight, their banter was actually quite funny.

20.18: Gosh, The Jungle Book guys had a LOT of people to thank.

20.16: And the Bafta for Visual Effects goes to….The Jungle Book. Fair play.

20.14: ANOTHER Trump joke from Stephen Fry as he demands an “Executive Order” for two actors. Daisy Ridley and Luke Evans, to be precise…

…who do a weird little bit where they’re given the Visual Effects nominees by a circus person coming down from the ceiling. Huh.

20.13: Director Travis Knight is accepting the award. Love a bit of Kubo.

20.12: Kubo and the Two Strings wins! Excellent stuff – didn’t do super well at the box office so nice to see it getting its due this way instead. 

20.10: Really quite a spread of winners tonight. Anyway, next up is Best Animated Film, presented by Bryce Dallas Howard and Riz Ahmed.

Could be finding Dory, Moana, Zootropolis or Kubo and The Two Strings. Perhaps worryingly, I think this is the only category I’ve seen every nominee in…

20.07: Viola Davis giving an emotional speech dedicated to the late playwright August Wilson, who wrote the play (and screenplay) of Fences, for telling the world that people of colour had stories that “deserved to be told. Because they lived.”

20.06: The winner is Viola Davis! It seems heavyweight Oscar buzz can still outstrip plucky Brit performances after all.

20.03: Best Supporting Actress next, presented by Hugh Grant. He comments that at school he used to mainly “play female parts”, before correcting himself to “female roles“. Peak Hugh Grant.

20.02: Topically, Stephen Fry says we have to “invoke Article 50” to leave this award and move on to the next one. 

20.01: Just to give you a little live blog whiplash, back to Tom Holland in the winner’s conference!

Apparently Holland only met former Spider-Man Andrew Garfield for the first time tonight and says “he’s everything I hoped he’d be.” He adds that he’s looking forward to picking Garfield’s brains “and seeing if he has any advice for me.”

Spectacular Spidey-bros!

20.00  And the Bafta goes to…Luke Davies for Lion.

(Yep, I finally found a different way of saying “And the winner is”).

19.57: Now, Stanley Tucci and Emily Blunt are here to present Best Adapted Screenplay. It’s a Devil Wears Prada reunion, y’all!

19.56: Meanwhile back in the press room, Tom Holland has been chatting all things Spider-Man – and it’s clear he knows exactly how fortunate he’s been to strap on those webshooters.

“It’s a dream come true,” he told press. “Everyone wants to be Spider-Man, I’m just the lucky shit who got to do it!”

19.55: And the winner is…. Son of Saul!

19.54: Now Julia and Lin (invented couple name Julin, ship fans) are back to present the Best Foreign Language Film.

19.52: Producer Lisa Nishimura gives another speech calling for us to stop building walls. Meanwhile, ken Loach and co hang out in the Bafta winners’ conference, quizzed by our own Ellie Harrison…

19.50: It was indeed 13th. Nice! Available on Netflix now, if any of you are interested…

19.49: My pick for documentary is Ava Duvernay’s 13th, but let’s see what happens.

19.48: Julia Stiles and Lin-Manuel Miranda are here to present the best documentary and best foreign lanaguage film. They love the doubling up tonight!

19.47: Fantastic Beasts wins for Production Design, as one might expect.

19.45: John Gilbert wins for Hacksaw Ridge. Not here though – first no-show, but not the last, of the night.

19.44: Editing awards up next.

19.42: Director Daniel Mulloy brings up his family’s refugee background to call attention to the UK government’s decision to stop taking in child refugees. Politics begins at home, folks.

19.41: Bafta goes to the Jack O’Connell-starring Home. Good night for Skins!

19.40: British short film now. We’re really powerin’ through.

19.39: Really cute speech from the director. Shout out to the Morrisons’ Deli counter! I feel bad now.

19.38: Still contributed more to human life etc etc than me again, though. Always assume that’s the subtext of what I’m saying.

Short Animation Bafta goes to A Love Story, anyway.

19.37: Carmen Ejogo and Rupert Evans here to present awards for Short Animation and Short Film. They’re basically busting their way through all the ones no-one cares about. Harsh but true.

19.35: It’s weird watching these speeches knowing that they’ll later be smushed together into a montage at the end of the TV broadcast. Poor lads.

19.33: The winner is…Arrival! Damn, I can’t use my La La Land picture again. Oh well.

19.32: Now for the Sound Bafta. Not one of the glitzier ones but let’s be honest, they’ve contributed a hell of a lot more to human happiness than most of us have.

19.31: Madeline Fontaine wins for Jackie.

19.30: Sophie Turner and George MacKay now here to present Best Costume Design and Best Sound.

19.29: Justin Hurwitz thanks Russia for hacking the vote and allowing him to win #topical.

19.27: Justin Hurwitz wins for La La Land, allowing me to use my preprepared image (finally!)

Expect to see this a lot tonight…

19.26: Hosts Russell Tovey and Holliday Grainger now also about to present the award for best original music (not the songs, that comes later).

19.24: Makeup and hair now – Florence Foster Jenkins beats out the likes of Star Wars et al, which is…well, I have no strong feelings about that result one way or the other, to be honest.

19.23: Holland does a sweet little speech thanking people for his early roles. So far, I’m 2 for 2 for predictions!

19.22: Tom Holland wins!

19.21: Ruth Negga seems to be a popular choice inside the auditorium.

19.19: Viola Davis is here to present the award. Could be Anya Taylor-Joy, Lucas Hedges, Ruth Negga, Tom Holland or Laia Costa

19.18: “Despite the glitz and the glamour of occassions like this, we’re with the people. Thanks for this.”

19.17: “Thank you to the Academy for endorsing the truth of what the film says,”, director Ken Loach says, decrying the way the “most vulnerable people of this country” are treated by the Government.

19.15: Bafta goes to I, Daniel Blake!

19.14: Will this be an early victory for I, Daniel Blake? Tense…

19.12: Outstanding British film about to be announced by Lion’s Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman.

19.11: Stephen playing to the home crowd with some Southern Rail jokes – suggesting The Girl on the Train would astound people from the southeast who hadn’t seen a moving train in months.

19.08: Stephen throws some subtle Trump shade, suggesting “only a blithering idiot” wouldn’t agree that she was one of the greatest actresses in the world. We’re getting into it!

19.07: Stephen jokes that Prince William is still getting over the Who Do You Think You Are? revelation that he’s related to Danny Dyer, and welcomes the “world’s most overrated people” in the rest of the crowd. Never change.

19.06: Stephen’s off to a good start – but can anything he does tonight top his Valentine’s kiss-cam from last year?

We think not.

19.04: Stephen Fry is kicking off a montage of the nominees. He says: “As my dear grandma used to say – cop a load of this, bitches.

18.59: I called it! Awkward EE shoehorning! Hooray!

18.58: Bafta guest being treated to a bizarre mash-up of various phone scenes in films, from Die Hard and Toy Story to Iron Man and Her (but, hundreds of clips). Quite an elaborate way to tell people to turn their phones off, unless this is sponsor EE’s way to shoehorn their business into the movie biz? Quite the mystery.

18.53: Acting nominees Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Andrew Garfield and Naomie Harris are all former EE Rising star award nominees, apparently – not a bad company to be in, new kidz!

18.50: The stars are being told to keep their speeches short. Will have to see how that one plays out…

18.47: Stephen Fry is currently talking the guests through a task – they’re going to record a 360-degree intro thing. The tech-savvy kids’ll love that one.

18.45: The ceremony should start in about 15 minutes, fact fans, around 2 hours before it’s aired on TV.

Also, everyone just stood up for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to enter. Can’t imagine Ken Loach (who famously turned down an OBE) going for that…

18.42: Tonight should be an interesting ceremony. It’s reasonably likely that, despite the I, Daniel Blake love the US frontrunners will prevail and the Brits will be almost completely locked out of the big awards – which is why the Britain-only categories will be all the more important this year.

Little bit of vague analysis for you there. Hope you enjoyed that.

18.39: Here they are in all their glory!

If this was two years ago, we could topically call this a “Royal Night Out”, but unfortunately that film came out in 2015 :(.

18.36: No sign yet. Can only assume their trained corgi death-squad are still sweeping the area.

18.33: Oh hang on, Zoe says we’re still waiting for some “very important guests” – it can only mean the royals are on their way.

Can’t wait to see tonight unfold on series 17 of The Crown, I’m calling Shiloh Pitt to play me.

18.30: Looks like things are dying down on the red carpet now gang. Time to knuckle down to some good old-fashioned gong-giving.

Stop laughing, there’s nothing funny about that phrase.

18.27: On the red carpet, we’ve been chatting to award presenter and The Pass (nominated for Outstanding Debut) star Russell Tovey, and the continuing rumours about him being in Doctor Who (or should that be Whomours?)


18.25: The Hunger Games’ Stanley Tucci is here getting Tucci-feely with some nice autograph-signing.

18.24: Look who’s Poppin’ in outside Office hours…

…it’s John Krasinski and Emily Blunt! 

18.19: Also, Meryl Streep has arrived! She more or less has a permanent seat reserved at all worldwide awards ceremonies by this point, right?

18.18: I, Daniel Blake’s Hayley Squires has finally kicked off the politics, waxing lyrical about the real people her film depicts. 

We have a resonsibility to tell their stories properly,” she tells Zoe Ball.

18.14: Not long now until the stars head inside and we get on with the ceremony proper. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN assuming you equate that phrase with celebrities giving each other prizes for pretending.

18.11: We’re up to the A-list now, as Best Actress frontrunner and La La Land star Emma Stone takes to the carpet.

Given the temperature, we reckon we wouldn’t be remiss in describing her as a Stone-cold star.


18.09: Was genuinely quite confused by people yelling my name just now. Turns out they were just yelling for Hugh Grant. He doesn’t even HAVE a live blog, guys. Come on.

18.06: Look who else has ARRIVED….

(Like, because Denis Villeneuve directed Arrival?)

18.03: Hugh Grant here for Florence Foster Jenkins.

Is it absolutely freezing? We hadn’t noticed…

17.57: We sense some magic in the air…JK Rowling has arrived and has already started working on some new novels.

Can’t fault that work ethic.

17.54: Hey Dev Patel is here! If he wins his Best Supporting Actor award and Ruth Negga gets the EE Rising star, it’ll be a good night for E4…

(he was in Skins and she was in Misfits, both teen-aimed dramas on that channel, fact fans).

17.47: Ron Howard just got videobombed by Nicole Kidman. She wasn’t doing anything funny, just kissing his cheek, so we might just call it a luvviebomb.

17.42pm: Clearly, Bryce Dallas Howard’s experience outrunning T-Rexes in high heels for Jurassic World has stood her in good stead for tonight’s Baftas.

17.38: Ah yes, should probably have mentioned this. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate and Wills) are set to attend tonight’s ceremony, and accordingly security has been quite tight this year –we were barely able to bring in our life-size Prince Harry cut-out for them to sign. The Baftas ain’t what they used to be.

17.33: <3 Viola Davis on the red carpet. We love Viola Davis. Here tonight nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Fences, up against the likes of Hayley Squires, Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Nicole Kidman and in with a great shot of winning.

17.29: Eddie Redmayne is pressing the flesh on the carpet now, reppin’ for Fantastic Beasts two years after he was here winning the Best Actor award for The Theory of Everything. The wheel just keeps on turnin’ eh?

17.22: Zoe is chatting to Tom Ford, director of Nocturnal Animals and Best Director nominee. For your delectation, here’s who he’s up against…

Denis Villeneuve, Arrival
Ken Loach, I, Daniel Blake
Damien Chazelle, La La Land
Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester By The Sea
Tom Ford, Nocturnal Animals

Differences from the Oscar shortlist here are, as usual, the inclusion of someone from Nocturnal Animals and homegrown National Treasure Ken Loach. Over in the States, their places are taken by Mel Gibson for Hacksaw Ridge and Barry Jenkins for Moonlight.

17.20: Julia Stiles is here, and we feel just like we’re in an early-noughties romcom. Good times.

Meanwhile, on the carpet itself, our roving reporter has been chatting to a Potter person…

16.55: Anya Taylor-Joy is chatting to Zoe Ball, saying it’s “supremely surreal” to be nominated for an EE Rising star. Also, it’s apparently her first red carpet. Not a bad one to start out on, as you go.

16.51: If you’re envious of fans on the red carpet tonight, just remember – you’re nice and warm at home and can always scrawl a fake George MacKay signature on your notebook yourself. Who will call you out? Literally no-one.

16.46: It’s kicking off, with EE Rising star…er, star…nominee?…Anya Taylor-Joy (The VVitch, Morgan, Split) chatting to some of the fans on the red carpet. 

16.39: Expect several opinion pieces over the next few days saying that this is why Brexit/Trump won.

16.36: Here’s where you can watch them dance about live, if you’re so inclined:

16.35: The red carpet has begun….with a bunch of gold-suited people on unicycles swivelling around while a woman in white waves her arms. I’m not sure whether it’s related to anything – did the cast of the Lion King have a free moment? – but it’s certainly….visual.

16.32: The Outstanding debut is harder to call – a personal pick would be the guys from Notes on Blindness – but the EE Rising star award, voted for the public, seems most likely to go to young Brit Spider-Man Tom Holland. Star Wars’ John Boyega won last year, after all, so you’d think the star of another super-popular blockbuster would get the big votes behind him once again.

16.28: The first, Outstanding British film, might be where I, Daniel Blake picks up an award, rather than the more competitive main Best Film category. While any of the other nominees – Denial, American Honey, Fantastic Beasts, Under the Shadow and Notes on Blindness – could potentially still snap it out from under director Ken Loach’s nose, I, Daniel Blake has a lot of goodwill behind it tonight so a win here seems likely.

16.27: While we wait, here’s a quick look at the three Bafta categories that you don’t see at the Oscars. Categories below…

Outstanding British film
American Honey
I, Daniel Blake
Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
Notes On Blindness
Under The Shadow

Best debut by a British writer, director or producer
The Girl With All the Gifts – Mike Carey (writer), Camille Gatin (producer) 
The Hard Stop – George Amponsah (writer/director/producer), Dionne Walker (writer/producer) 
Notes on Blindness – Peter Middleton (writer/director/producer), James Spinney (writer/director), Jo-Jo Ellison (producer) 
The Pass – John Donnelly (writer), Ben A Williams (director) 
Under the Shadow – Babak Anvari (writer/director), Emily Leo, Oliver Roskill, Lucan Toh (producers)

EE Rising Star Award
Anya Taylor-Joy
Laia Costa
Lucas Hedges
Ruth Negga
Tom Holland

16.20: Update: I’m now hearing that the stars will properly start arriving at about half past. At the moment in the press room, the screens are showing a glitzy shot of some loose power cables on the floor.

16.11: See, you learn all sorts backstage – I never knew they stored the Baftas in the Phantom Zone!!?!

16.05: Only 10 minutes or so til the stars start to pound the scarlet carpet! We hope everyone remembered the dress code.

16.03: Another fun thing to look out for tonight – plenty of speeches about this fella.

Yep, in recent months the award cycle has been dominated by stars calling out US President Donald Trump for his divisive policies, and we’re sure tonight will be no exception.

HOWEVER, it’s likely that the BBC (who are broadcasting tonight’s ceremony) will have to cut down some of the overly-long Trump tirades, as their commitment to impartiality means they can’t show too much political favour – even when it comes to a foreign dignitary.

Still, luckily for you we’ll be keeping an eye out for the more political speeches, so you’ll be able to read them even if you don’t have them beamed directly to your tellybox. We aim to serve.

15.56: If you are wondering who the nominees are this year, you can check out the full list here

Differences to the Oscar noms include more love for Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals, a Best Actress nomination for Amy Adams (for Arrival) and, as noted before, a good showing for I, Daniel Blake. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!!!!….though La La Land will probably still win everything.

15.48pm: Anyway, enough of that “slight cultural commentary” – here’s some GLAMOUR for you as’s Sarah Doran gives you a tour of the 2017 EE Baftas red carpet. Don’t we spoil you?

15.45pm: Of course, the frontrunner at tonight’s ceremony is movie musical La La Land, which has waltzed off with a truckload of awards and Oscar nominations over the past few months.

HOWEVER, all the Oscar buzz doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily do quite as well tonight – it’s bound to pick up a few gongs, but the shortlist is a bit different at the Baftas to the Oscars, and Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake might have the home advantage in the coveted Best Film award.

Then again, La La Land might still win everything. Who doesn’t love a musical?

15.30pm: Hello hello, and welcome to’s coverage of the 2017 film Baftas! My name’s Huw and I’ll be your guide to all of tonight’s cinematic chicanery as the great and the good (or at least the very famous) descend on London to pick up slightly sad-looking golden faces. 

The slebs will start arriving on the red carpet in around 45 minutes, at 4.15pm, where they’ll be greeted by our very own Sarah Doran, before heading into the Royal Albert Hall for the ceremony to begin at around 6.45pm.


Yes, that’s right, a whole 2 and a quarter hours before the awards are broadcast on BBC1 at 9.00pm in an edited format – so stick with us to hear about all the winners (and funny bits they cut out) first. After all, who wants to be the LOSER who had to wait two hours to see someone pick up a super-cool sound editing award? Not you, I’ll bet.