The Circle’s Karen Gillan and John Boyega show Emma Watson the ropes in chilling new trailer



Being taken under the wing of Karen Gillan and John Boyega would be an absolute DREAM for many and it certainly seems to start out that way for Emma Watson in The Circle.


The upcoming thriller, based on the novel of the same name by Dave Eggers, sees Watson starring as Mae Holland, a young woman who starts work at a bright and brilliant online organisation that transforms both her and her family’s lives.

Her pal, played by Karen Gillan, seems totally thrilled to have her there, but it’s not long before the cracks begin to show and Mae starts to wonder if this new company hasn’t jumped straight out of an episode of Black Mirror…

With the help of John Boyega’s Kalden, Mae discovers something sinister may be going on.


But will she be able to get to the bottom of it while Tom Hanks’ mysterious Bailey is watching her every move?