Coronation Street: “Adam is heartless when it comes to Rosie,” says actor Sam Robertson

The Corrie star reveals all about Adam's manipulation of Rosie in next week's episodes


Unscrupulous Adam Barlow looks set to exploit Rosie Webster in next week’s Coronation Street after she naively confides in him.


With Rosie fretting after inadvertently bringing a stash of cocaine into the country, she’s in need of a sympathetic ear. But Adam proves himself to be a terrible confidante.

“Initially, Adam sees Rosie as just another conquest. But when he realises that there’s an opportunity for him to make a gain for himself, he starts to manipulate her,” reveals actor Sam Robertson. “Adam’s a bit heartless when it comes to Rosie.”

Oblivious to his real intentions, Rosie ends up spilling the beans – but as soon as she’s gone, Adam is quick to phone a drugs contact in the States. Having double checked that Rosie’s boyfriend has been locked up, Adam is soon forming a plan.

Says Robertson: “Straight away, Adam’s thinking for himselfand not really giving a toss about Rosie and her dilemma. He’s thinking what’s in this for him.

“He sees the opportunity to make money.He’s always scheming, conniving and trying to make a quick, fast buck without doing a lot of hard work. This is his best opportunity yet to do that and he acts upon it.”

Corrie isn’t yet revealing what Adam does with his new-found knowledge, but fans can expect him to strengthen his growing reputation as a chip off the old Mike Baldwin block. On the topic of comparisons with the late Cockney factory boss, Robertson adds:

“I wasn’t aware of the obvious parallelsto Mike to begin with. However, I soon realised that he’s very much mini Mike and it was helpful for me to look at what Johnny [Briggs] did with Mike, so I could try to bring elements of his character in.

“He played it great – he was one of those sort of characters where he was a bit of a rascal, but he was also dead charming and you liked him. I hope, in the long run, that Adam is as well liked as Mike was – he was a loveable rogue.”

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