Rustie Lee is still unwell four months after picking up mystery illness while filming The Real Marigold Hotel

The celebrity chef tells that she has lost two stone after contracting an unknown bug


Rustie Lee has revealed that she is still suffering from a mystery illness that she picked up while filming BBC1’s The Real Marigold Hotel.


The second series of the documentary series sees a new group of famous senior citizens living in India for a month to see if they could eventually see themselves retiring there.

The eight stars, including Sheila Ferguson, Amanda Barrie, Bill Oddie and Dennis Taylor, all lived in Kochi, a city in Kerala for four weeks.

However, celebrity chef Lee revealed that she is still feeling the effects of the trip months after filming, saying she was “still suffering” from an illness which has caused her to lose two stone in weight.

“They’ve checked everything, and now I’ve got to have a camera down and one up,” Lee said.

“I look at food at the moment and I think, ‘Can I eat that?’. My stomach is dictating what I can eat and I’m thinking ahead to think ‘what can I eat?’ or ‘can I go near that?’”

“The doctors think there’s a parasite,” she added. “It’s not been picked up in, excuse me, faeces. It’s not been picked up in that so that’s why they’re going to put the camera down and see what’s going on.

“[The doctor] believes me because when I went to see him in Harley Street, I was talking to him and I had to run to the lavatory.”

Lee returned home from the trip on 26 September, meaning that she has been suffering from this mystery illness for over four months.

Crikey. Who knew being retired could be so dangerous?


The Real Marigold Hotel series two begins on Wednesday 15 February at 9pm on BBC1