Mary Berry: “I wouldn’t take a TV judging role in competition with Bake Off”

The former GBBO star is keen to judge again – but doesn't know what...


It’s been just a week since Mary Berry was up on stage at the National Television Awards, collecting her prize for Best TV Judge. Four months on from her Bake Off departure, viewers are clearly still hankering for her tactful critique of stressed bakers desperately trying to dodge a soggy bottom.


So, will we ever see Berry back on telly in a judging role? Well, don’t hold your breath…

“It would depend what I was judging,” she told us at last night’s Radio Times Covers Party. “I wouldn’t think of judging anything that was in competition with the Bake Off because I wish it well. It is, I’m sure, going to be successful.”

So, if baking is off the table, what else could Berry critique? She’s spoken in the past of her interest in gardening but reckons she’s “not really qualified” to judge it.

The TV chef also discussed her recent reunion with The Great British Bake Off presenters Mel and Sue who, like Berry, stepped down from the series when its move to Channel 4 was announced last year.

“Mel and Sue and I are great friends and I had a book launch and they both came and it was great,” Berry said. “They were on enormous form. Sue had been on her travels and Mel had such success with [Let It] Shine and I told her I’d like to see her dressed up, looking as beautiful as she does on Shine.”


Watch the full interview with Mary Berry above.