Emmerdale: Michael Praed on Frank and Charity’s shock passion – “It’s a bolt out of the blue”

A con trick results in a surprise kiss during next week's episodes


Emmerdale rogue Frank Clayton will lock lips with Charity Dingle in next week’s episodes after the pair team up for a risky con.


Speaking about the shock kiss, actor Michael Praed says: “We’ve all been in this situation, haven’t we? We’re happily going down one path and then suddenly, there’s a bolt out of the blue that completely changes our thinking. So Frank is doing something that – at the time – seems thoughtless but right.”

The moment of passion comes following a cunning bit of trickery that sees Frank and Charity pose as Lawrence and Chrissie White in order to swipe some diamonds from a jeweller. But after the victim realises that he’s being hoodwinked, Frank and Charity are forced to flee.

So, with Frank having returned to his lawbreaking ways, does Praed envisage his character teaming up with Charity for further scams?

“He would – if he enjoyed sticking his head inside a lion’s mouth! Charity is a duplicitous woman who would do anything to achieve her goals and she has no compunction about dropping the other person – in this case Frank – in it if it furthers the object of her desire.”

Of course, one other disincentive for getting involved with Charity would be the fact that Frank currently has a burgeoning romance with Megan Macey! So which woman should Frank be with?

Says Praed: “Well. thats a very tricky question. They fulfil different parts of his psyche, but at the moment, Megan is the one who’s more right Frank. For a start, she’s not likely to get him into prison any time soon!”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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