Christmas competition answers

Missed the answers to our Christmas competitions in the magazine? See below for the full list.


If you missed the opportunity to enter our Christmas competitions, don’t worry – you can still play for fun!


Click here to try and find the 50 TV or radio highlights from 2016 hidden in the picture.

Click here for the answers – did you spot them all?

Congratulations to George Prosser of Halesowen who got all 50 correct and won a smart TV and a Blu-ray home entertainment system!

Click here to view the Crossword grid and try to unscramble the letters in the shaded boxes to reveal the Wordfinder.

Congratulations to Paul Woodmansey of Stafford, who won a selection of TomTom products for the solving the Crossword – check your answers here: 

ACROSS: 11 Abominable Snowman 12 Teddy 14 See You 15 Lanky 16 North Pole 17 Straight 19 Fairy 21 Trinkets 23 Cracker 24 Bradawl 26 Holiday 30 Pina colada 32 Cello 33 Opener 34 Happy ending 36 Pack of cards 39 Street 41 Czech 42 Epistolary 44 Proverb 45 Tsarina 46 Unwraps 50 Seasonal 52 Slang 53 Ebenezer 54 Hydrangea 56 Goose 57 In view 59 Speck 60 One Foot In The Grave DOWN: 1 Objector 2 Emmy 3 Unsung hero 4 Ability 5 Jennifer Saunders 6 Only 7 Twenty 8 Narrate 9 Zero 10 Advent calendar 13 Thai 18 Arc lamp 20 Indict 22 Knife 25 Wallace And Gromit 27 On-off 28 Paddock 29 Pork pie 31 I Saw Three Ships 35 Enter 37 At large 38 Sherpa 40 Elves 43 Tangerines 47 Preserve 48 Elegant 49 Memento 51 Neat 52 Staffs 55 Dice 56 Glow 58 Vary

Congratulations to Tina Rae of Hereford and Nicola Smith of Warminster for unscrambling the shaded letters to reveal Later with Jools Holland as the Wordfinder answer, each winning a bumper selection of the ten best BBC DVDs of 2016.

Click here for a full list of the bears hidden throughout the Christmas bumper issue of Radio Times – did you spot them all?


Well done to our five winners who each receive a Bear Hunt goody bag: Kimberley Betts of Peasdown St John, Somerset, Gary Appleton of Macclesfield, Diana Wellard of Ashford, Kent, Charles Reah of Watford, and Paul Jones of Wrexham.