Coronation Street: passion for Sinead and Daniel

But is there an aggressive side to Daniel's personality?


Sinead is to move on from Chesney in dramatic fashion during next week’s Coronation Street when she has a night of passion with Daniel.


The drama unfolds after Chesney confesses that he isn’t ready to give up on his and Sinead’s relationship and begs her to move back into their room. She, though, remains frosty and tells him she’s fine sleeping on the sofa.

Gemma wants to help when she sees how downcast Chesney is and decides the best way to go is to make Sinead jealous.


Meanwhile, Sinead turns to Daniel for comfort and confides in him about how she’s feeling. The following day, Sinead borrows the keys to the factory from Johnny. She lets Daniel in and they sit together in quiet companionship while she sews and he reads.

But while alone, he reads out a poem he’s studying and says that the main protagonist reminds him of Sinead. Their chemistry is obvious…


Later on, Adam – sensing an opportunity to wind Daniel up – teases him about his lack of experience with women. And when Sinead asks Daniel if he wants to meet up in the factory again later, he snaps at her and she’s left feeling confused and embarrassed.

Chesney then asks Sinead if she’ll meet him for dinner at the Bistro and she accepts. Soon after, Daniel makes his way over to the factory to apologise for the way he behaved earlier on and one thing leads to another. Meanwhile, an oblivious Chesney waits for Sinead at the restaurant.


The morning after the night before, Sinead realises that she needs to have a serious conversation with Chesney…

Corrie fans can expect Chesney to be left devastated when he finds out what’s been going on behind his back and ends up confronting Daniel about his actions. But Chesney hasn’t counted on Daniel unleashing the dark side of his personality – just what will happen during their showdown?


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