Coronation Street: Adam Barlow’s revenge plan is revealed!

Adam is taking no prisoners when it comes to Ken


A drunken Adam Barlow has revealed on tonight’s Coronation Street that he wants to wreak revenge on his grandfather Ken.


This evening’s double bill of the ITV soap saw Ken draw up his will in front of legal eagle Adam. But a shock was to come when he stated that only a quarter of his estate was to be divided between his grandchildren, explaining that he had to put his children first.

Later on, in the Rovers, Adam opened up to Todd that he wanted to set up his own legal firm and make some serious money. After Todd said that he’d be interested in getting on board, Adam then admitted that he felt Ken was punishing him for being Mike Baldwin’s son.

“I’ll show my granddad I don’t need him,” said Adam. “As far as I’m concerned, he can rot in hell.”

But what scheme will Adam cook up to get his own back on Ken for the perceived slight?


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