Graham Norton tells Piers Morgan to “grow a pair” following Ewan McGregor row

"It is funny that he talks about millennial snowflakes and yet a man didn't agree to come on his show and he's been tweeting about it non-stop for 48 hours"


Graham Norton reckons Piers Morgan should “grow a pair” instead of continuing his tirade against Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor. 


The actor had been due to appear on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday, but cancelled at the last minute, tweeting: 

McGregor had previously praised the “extraordinary power” of the Women’s March, which took place around the world on the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration.

But Morgan, who is a big fan of the new US President, instead marked the occasion with the tweet: “I’m planning a ‘Men’s March’ to protest at the creeping global emasculation of my gender by rabid feminists. Who’s with me?”

The last-minute cancellation inspired a Trump-style Twitter rant from Morgan, who demanded McGregor debate with him like “a man” and boasted he had five times as many followers on social media. 

You may not be able to catch the T2 star on the Good Morning Britain couch any time soon, but there is one place you’ll find him: The Graham Norton Show. 

The show was filmed on Wednesday just before Norton headed to the O2, where he was the recipient of the Special Recognition prize at the National Television Awards. The chat show episode will air on Friday night on BBC1. 

Asked about the “fracas” between McGregor and Morgan, Norton told backstage that the topic never came up during filming: “We didn’t discuss Piers Morgan because there’s nothing to discuss.”

He added: “You describe it as a fracas. It’s only a fracas in Piers Morgan’s mind.

“It is funny that he talks about millennial snowflakes and yet a man didn’t agree to come on his show and he’s been tweeting about it non-stop for 48 hours. Really, grow a pair.”

Watch out, Norton – a volley of angry tweets may be coming your way soon.


The Graham Norton Show airs at 10.35pm on Friday 27th September on BBC1