Fans couldn’t handle the fact that Apple Tree Yard wasn’t a secret fourth episode of Sherlock

BBC1 tried to tweet about its new drama, but disappointed Sherlock fans were having none of it


New Sunday night BBC drama Apple Tree Yard could be set for some big ratings following its first episode – thanks to all the Sherlock fans watching… 


Sherlockians were still holding out hope that the sex-fuelled psychological thriller would turn out to be the rumoured secret fourth episode of Sherlock, which is the subject of a fan theory based on a quote from the series.

Even denials from co-creator Steven Moffat couldn’t dampen their hopes. 

BBC1 gamely tried to tweet about Apple Tree Yard, but each post was inundated with responses from angry fans wanting to know where Sherlock was.

It all started out so hopefully.

But then: 9pm hit, and Apple Tree Yard was decidedly not a fourth episode of Sherlock. The fandom got a bit… upset.

To say the least.

As the episode wrapped up, disappointed Sherlockians were still trying to come to terms with their confusion.


Oh, the misery…