House of Cards drops a very timely series five teaser and air date

Frank Underwood is back...


On the day that Donald Trump was sworn into office, House of Cards have released what could be judged as a rather timely first teaser of its upcoming fifth series. 


The Netflix drama – which also announced an air date of May 30th – offered a chilling first look at its return which will once again star Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as evil presidential hopeful Frank Underwood and his equally manipulative wife Claire. 

The 30-second teaser for the return of the show features an upside down United States flag hanging outside the Capitol Building and an eerie rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance from a children’s choir. It’s all rather unsettling… 

House of Cards fans accustomed to the series launching in February/March may be disappointed to learn they have to wait an extra couple of months for its fifth season. That’s all down to the exit of showrunner Beau Willimon who conceived and wrote the first four runs of the show before stepping down last year.


He will be replaced by two of the series’ senior writers – Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese – but the release of the most recent run has been delayed by a couple of months while the new team finds their feet.