Now Kim Woodburn is comparing herself to Jesus in Celebrity Big Brother

The similarities are literally... non-existant


Kim Woodburn is the Celebrity Big Brother gift that keeps on giving.


After having to be restrained and removed from the house by security earlier in the week when she had a bust up with Jamie O’Hara, Kim is continuing to make herself as popular as a wasp at a picnic.

Since causing Nicola McLean to run crying into the diary room screaming that she wanted to leave immediately earlier this week (she didn’t, obvs), the two have frequently been verbally attacking each other. Now Kim is feeling persecuted. Just like Jesus Christ.

“How can everyone else be wrong and you right?” asked Nicola during yet another argument with the former How Clean is Your House? Star in last night’s episode. And, like the rest of us, she probably wasn’t quite expecting this answer.

“They crucified Jesus,” argued Kim. “They crucified Jesus Christ. You say he was wrong?”

Whilst cruxificiction hasn’t become a punishment on CBB (yet) it’s surely only a matter of time.

Kim is also up for eviction on the show tonight, which will also feature a voting twist. One of the housemates up for eviction will actually be granted ‘Eternal Immunity’ and will be heading straight for the final of CBB on 3 February.

Jesus, we hope it’s Kim.


Celebrity Big Brother is at 9pm on Channel 5