Channel 4 announces Fake News week

Introducing Britain's Greatest Hoaxer, Confessions of a Paparazzi and The Fake News Show


If you accuse Channel 4 of broadcasting “fake news”, you may be right. In fact, the channel will be taking on the post-truth world with a week of programming exploring the phenomenon. 


A special season of content will look at the “fakers” disseminating fiction as fact, as well as the shady world of the paparazzi and the life of a professional hoaxer. 

The broadcaster asks: “In a world where truth is compromised by popularity, determined by clicks, likes and shares, is anyone telling it like it is?”

One person who may not be “telling it like it is” is celebrity paparazzo George Bamby.

In Confessions of a Paparazzo, you’ll see how far George and his apprentice Bilko will go to get lucrative photos of celebrities, and why the snaps you see in print and online are not always what they seem.

Next up is comedian and hoaxer Simon Brodkin, who’s pulled off stunts like showering Sepp Blatter in banknotes and storming Kanye West’s stage at Glastonbury. 

He’s the focus on a documentary titled Britain’s Greatest Hoaxer, looking at the months of planning and preparation it takes to pull off a headline-grabbing stunt. Who is Brodkin planning to target next? Infamous trio Simon Cowell, Philip Green and Donald Trump. 

The third programme taking on the post-truth world will be The Fake News Show, a one-off comedy panel show featuring Stephen Mangan and Richard Osman. Together they will dissect outlandish headlines and viral clips to find out what’s true and what’s not. 

Judging by the way things are going, it might be a good idea to make this programme a permanent fixture. 

Channel 4 News will also be stepping up with reports, interviews and discussions about the Fake News phenomenon, with the help of their special Fact Check team. 


Fake News Week will be broadcast on Channel 4 and available on All 4 in early February