Jason Segel and Rooney Mara star in creepy new trailer for Netflix’s The Discovery

How I Met Your Mother this ain’t


Following Stranger Things and the OA, we’re starting to feel like Netflix have a bit of a “thing” for creepy sci-fi tales involving blonde young women (Eleven’s wig totally counts) and electrodes – and our theory isn’t disproved by the unnerving new trailer for The Discovery, an original film for the streaming network starring Jason Segel and Rooney Mara. 


We’ve got the blonde woman in Rooney Mara’s character, electrodes on another fella and the ineffable sense of creeping dread that we’re starting to find oh-so familiar – yup, this is a Netflix sci-fi tale alright. Chuck in the intriguing premise – the existence of the afterlife is proven, so people kill themselves to “get there” early – and other stars like Robert Redford and Jesse Plemons, and we’re sold.

Also in its favour: the fact that it’s an on-demand sci-fi series with Discovery in the title that we’ll actually be able to watch soon on Netflix. Step up your game, Star Trek.


The Discovery will be available to watch on Netflix from 31st March