Go Go Power Rangers (movie trailer)!

Zounds – it’s Zordon and Zords!


After a moody early teaser just showed them in boring human-shape, a proper trailer for the Power Rangers reboot has arrived showing our heroes in all their colourful, mighty-morphin’ glory.


Compared to the first footage, this has everything. A First look at Bryan Cranston’s Zordon (now like one of those toys you can leave a handprint in at gadget shops)? Check. Massive dinosaur zords? Check. Actual jokes? Check. Rangers beating up generic monsters with martial arts? Check. A bit where someone unironically says “It’s Morphin’ time”? Check check check.

In fact the only thing they have changed is also positive – the kids’s ethnicity no longer seems to awkwardly relate to which ones becomes the “black” and “yellow” rangers, thankfully. And frankly, so far this is looking like a reboot that might actually be some fun to watch.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to dig out our original series Power Rangers figures for some research. As the man said, it’s Morphin’ time.


Power Rangers will be released on March 24th 2017