What is the big EastEnders disaster?

The top 5 catastrophes that could strike Albert Square - revealed!


EastEnders is to feature a large-scale disaster in next week’s episodes that will see the residents of the Square rally together as they deal with the crisis. Show bosses aren’t yet revealing what the catalyst for the drama actually is, but that hasn’t stopped us speculating. Here are our 5 best guesses:


1) The bridge on Bridge Street collapses

If the railway viaduct gives way, the resulting carnage could certainly fuel a week’s worth of episodes. Particularly if the market-stall holders become trapped under the rubble and a Tube train just happens to derail and smash into the cafe. The result? EastEnders is ‘blasted’ in the press, with fans ‘fuming’ about the soap copying the Corrie tram crash.

2) An armed siege

Oz gets fired from his job at the call centre after Lee reveals that he’s been mis-selling pension plans for years. Oz and his colleagues then storm the Square with shooters, taking the Carters hostage in the Vic. Lee goes out in a blaze of glory, saving his family from certain death.

3) A bus crash

Recent aerial photography of the EastEnders set appeared to show a double decker caught up in some sort of emergency on Bridge Street. But is this a real smash-up or merely a spectral Roxy taking control of the bus that drove guests to the wedding? “Why is nobody mourning my death?” she cackles from behind the wheel. A paranormal duff-duff?! Well, they’ve tried everything else…

4) The return of the fairground

Having been such a roaring success in 2004, the helter-skelters return to the Square and chaos inevitably ensues once again. As the attractions collapse, Derek Harkinson is heard to mutter, “how can the same s**t happen to the same guy twice?” before launching into action.

5) Mass recast! 

In EastEnders’s most disorientating ever episode, Grant, Alfie, Tanya, Carol, Binnie and Della all turn up at once, now played by different actors. The confusion of the Albert Square regulars causes a rip in the space/time continuum, thanks to special effects created by Industrial Light & Magic.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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