Freeview film of the day: The Flight of the Phoenix

James Stewart and crew have to call on reserves of courage and ingenuity when their plane crash lands in the Libyan desert.


The Flight of the Phoenix ★★★★ 
11.00am-1.50pm More4 


James Stewart is the pilot of an aircraft brought down by a sandstorm in the Libyan desert. The plane is miles off course, the radio is defunct, the survivors have little food and water and slim hopes of being rescued. Three of them set off to walk to safety but only one returns, defeated. Meanwhile a German engineer (Hardy Kruger) has devised a plan to rebuild the wrecked aircraft and that’s what they decide to do. Not an easy task because the group is divided by conflicts and arguments. An absorbing tale with a remarkable supporting cast that includes Richard Attenborough, Peter Finch and Ernest Borgnine.


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