Coronation Street: Adam plays dirty to get Underworld – will Alya be convinced to betray Aidan?

Will Adam get one over on the Connors?


Peter may have backed off from his plan to get hold of the factory, but Adam is still trying to get his hands on Underworld in next week’s Coronation Street. But will his scheme to get Alya on side work?


The drama kicks off when Adam forces his way into the factory and orders that they carry out a valuation of the business. Aidan and Johnny tell him to get lost and say they’ll see him in court, but Adam will be seen slyly approaching Alya. He says he can make it worth her while if she digs up some dirt on the Connors which would help him win his case against them.

Later, Alya is feeling disgruntled and under-appreciated and tells Aidan that she thinks she deserves a promotion. But she’s irritated when he doesn’t take her seriously – will this push her to betray Aidan and become a spy for Adam?

The next day, Alya gives Adam the keys to the factory alongside a fake password for Johnny’s computer (it looks like she’s chosen which side she’s on). Telling him that the factory is always empty at lunchtime, she takes all of the girls off to the pub to celebrate Izzy’s birthday.

Adam then enters the password Alya gave him but fails to gain access to Johnny’s computer. And his feelings of frustration and surprise rise tenfold when Aidan and Johnny suddenly appear in the office and catch him red-handed.

Adam is furious with Alya and shouts at her for sabotaging his scheme – a showdown that is witnessed by Ken who demands to know what is going on. When he finds out what Adam has been up to he’s livid and chides him for attempting to rip off the Connors. Adam squirms as he gets a telling off while Daniel looks on with glee, relishing his discomfort.

Later on, Daniel berates Adam for causing Ken stress and arguing with him, telling him it could induce another stroke. But when Dev calls round at the flat to remind Adam that the rent is overdue, it soon becomes clear why he’s in desperate need of cash. Just how severe are the money worries that are fuelling Adam’s campaign against the Connors?

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