Meet the cast of A Series of Unfortunate Events

Everything you need to know about the cast and characters of Netflix’s fiendish Lemony Snicket TV adaptation

Alfre Woodard – Aunt Josephine


Aunt Josephine is the Baudelaires’ second cousin’s sister-in-law who becomes their guardian in the third novel in the series, The Wide Window. She harbours an irrational fear of things like doorknobs and doormats, which she considers dangerous.


Where do I recognise her from?

Alfre Woodard can boast a wide portfolio of film, including 12 Years a Slave and Annabelle, and television (True Blood and Luke Cage). She also has extensive theatre experience, something that appealed to producer Sonnenfeld.

“We’re really expanding the role of our guest stars and they all bring so much unique, specific characterisation to their roles,” Sonnenfeld says. “Many of our actors come from theatre and I think it’s the right tone and style for our show, which is very stylised.”

Catherine O’Hara – Dr. Orwell


Dr. Orwell is an optometrist and hypnotist who works out of an eye-shaped office.

Where do I recognise her from?


Catherine O’Hara played Justice Strauss in the 2004 film rendition of A Series of Unfortunate Events, executive produced by Sonnenfeld. You also might have seen her in cult classic films Home Alone and Beetlejuice.