Emmerdale: Bob sleeps with Charity?

Is this the village's most unlikely pairing?


Chas will leap to the conclusion that Charity and Bob have slept together in next week’s Emmerdale – but how long will it be before Brenda finds out?


The aftermath of Hunk Night at the Woolpack will find Bob left disorientated and trouserless in the back room of the pub, while Chas presumes that he must have spent the night with Charity.

When Bob eventually makes his way back to the cafe, Brenda is quick to berate him for coming back in just his pants.


But little does she know that Chas is already speeding the gossip about Bob’s supposed infidelity – news that Rodney soon relays to Nicola.

So is the whole village – and, more importantly, Brenda – set to discover all? And will Bob be able to talk his way out of trouble?


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