Coronation Street: Nathan gets creepy with Bethany – but will he scare her off?

Will Bethany realises that Nathan is too good to be true?


Coronation Street newcomer Nathan arrived on the scene a few weeks ago when he found 16-year-old Bethany Platt unconscious in an alley. And he’s been trying to worm his way into her life ever since, encouraging her to take up evening classes in beauty therapy and even offering free tanning sessions in return for leaflet distribution.


Next week in Coronation Street he’ll become more overt about his liking for Bethany, but will she be flattered or run a mile?

Bethany is vulnerable to Nathan’s charms now that her infatuation with Gary has come to an end. At the beginning of next week she shows Nathan pictures on her phone of hair and makeup she’s done on friends.


Nathan is really impressed and offers her his old camera so that she can start doing online beauty tutorials. A flattered Bethany laps up the compliments and agrees to it.

Later in the week, Nathan is surprised to see Shona when he pops into the café. She can’t hide her disdain while serving him. Roy notices Shona’s barely concealed hatred for Nathan and wonders what could have happened between them.

Subsequently, Nathan gives Bethany a camera, as promised. He later lures her into his car, offering the salon as a filming location for her online tutorials. Oblivious to any ulterior motive, she goes along with him.

At the salon, Nathan films her as she does a French plait tutorial. He showers her with praise, telling her the video is great, but says that next time she should show off a little bit more of her “killer body”.

But how will Bethany react? Will she be flattered or creeped out?


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