Coronation Street: Daniel flirts with Sinead

Will he steal her away from Chesney?


Coronation Street’s Sinead Tinker isn’t best pleased with boyfriend Chesney at the moment, as that rather brilliant ketchup incident demonstrated.


After apologising to Daniel Osborne for her drunken antics in the kebab shop and later impressing him with her marketing skills, it seems as though the pair may be getting even closer next week. But where does that leave her relationship with Chesney?

The week begins with Sinead extending the olive branch and inviting Chesney on a date night. He declines the invitation, but Daniel offers to buy her a drink instead. Will she accept?

Later on, Daniel presents Sinead with a Venus flytrap as a thank you after she provides help with his MA application.

Chesney takes Sinead’s new plant into work the following day to show Gemma, only for her to suggest that they see what happens when they try feeding it kebab meat for a laugh. Sinead later finds her Venus flytrap looking a bit unwell…

The next day, Chesney begs Sinead for forgiveness for his actions and asks for another chance. He promises he’ll never take her for granted again.

But is this enough to win Sinead over? Or will she be pushed even further away – and into the arms of Daniel?


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