The tension is even greater than Bake Off in Sue Perkins new series The Big Spell

Who knew watching a child try to remember the letter E could be so dramatic?


Who would’ve thought that watching a couple of kids trying to spell the word ‘professional’ could be so dramatic?


In this exclusive clip from new Sky1 series The Big Spell, presenter Sue Perkins puts her head in her hands as she waits with bated breath to see whether they can do it.

In this nationwide search for the country’s best young speller, competitors Jade and Saik are in a sudden death situation. One false move and they will be sent home from the competition, and so there’s a huge slice of tension when Jade falters as she can’t remember whether professional is spelt with a single or double ‘f’.

Trust us, it’s far more nerve-racking than you’d expect. But does she manage it? Watch below to find out.


The Big Spell launches on Sunday January 8 at 5pm on Sky 1