Freeview film of the day: Die Hard with a Vengeance

Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson get involved in a deadly game of Simon Says with mad villain Jeremy Irons


Die Hard with a Vengeance ★★★★ 
10.45pm-12.45am BBC1 


Non-stop action when Jeremy Irons seeks vengeance on maverick New York cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) for a past offence. First he sends Willis to Harlem to insult black people, a predicament from which he only escapes thanks to Samuel L Jackson, who thereby becomes his unwilling partner. Then, in a version of the game “Simon says”, Irons has the pair of them scurrying all over town to work out a variety of obscure riddles, threatening to blow up a school if they fail. But this is merely a distraction, because the devious bad guy is plotting something far more drastic and lucrative. Unlike in the original, Willis starts off here wearing grubby T-shirts and never gets much smarter. The riddles are fun and the action spectacular; a bulked-up Irons makes a convincing heavy and the always-excellent Jackson, sneaking in from left field, pretty well steals the whole film.  


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