Coronation Street: Catherine Tyldesley on Eva’s new blackmail storyline – “She’s wracked with guilt”

Eva is getting devious in next week's episodes of Corrie


Eva Price is to show the feisty side to her character in next week’s Coronation Street when she blackmails Peter over his affair with Toyah.


After finding out about the pair’s trysts, Eva decides to use her new-found knowledge in a cunning way. Instead of revealing all to Leanne, Eva instead tells Peter that he must back down from his plan to steal Underworld away from Aidan. if he doesn’t, then she’ll waste no time in putting Leanne in the picture!

So how does actress Catherine Tyldesley feel about her character making an enemy of Toyah and Peter? Here’s the actress with her view on the upcoming plotline…

So, why do you think Eva and Toyah aren’t getting along?
I am totally in Eva’s corner on this one because she’s really made an effort. Although she can be quite full on sometimes, Eva feels like Toyah has an attitude problem. They are like chalk and cheese; they’re very different.

Is there competition for Leanne’s attention?
I think Toyah has made it that way. If Toyah had been friendly with Eva from the start then everything would have been fine. Eva is a real girly girl whereas Toyah is more of a ladette, so that’s why they clash.


What goes through Eva’s mind when she finds out who Toyah is having an affair with?
Eva already doesn’t like Toyah but this, for her, is just outrageous. She knows how in love Leanne was with Peter, so to Eva this is breaking the girl code. Actually, this is even worse because they’re sisters so Eva has written Toyah off at this point. She can’t believe how selfish she has been.

Why does Eva choose to blackmail Peter and Toyah, rather than tell Leanne?
Toyah actually makes a valid point that Leanne shouldn’t be put under extra stress, so Eva decides for the sake of the baby and Leanne’s health that she shouldn’t tell her. And in the same breath, she is completely besotted with Aidan – if she thinks she can help him in regards to the factory in any way, then she will go to any lengths to do that. So that’s when she comes up her cunning idea…


Does Eva enjoy having one over on Toyah? Does she feel guilty for leaving Leanne in the dark?
Oh yes, she can’t stand Toyah, so it’s very gratifying for Eva. But at the same time, Eva is wracked with guilt.

What’s it been like having Georgia Taylor in the mix with you and Jane Danson as ‘sisters’?
I love Georgia. The last time she was at Coronation Street I wasn’t here, but I did a period drama with her [Lilies], so I met her ten years ago. It’s really nice to work with her again – we got on so well when we worked together previously so I was thrilled to bits when I found out they were bringing her back. She’s absolutely brilliant and it’s great to have the three sisters together.

Do you remember when Jane and Georgia first joined Corrie and how does it feel to now be a part of that family all these years on?
I loved the Battersbys because they caused complete mayhem. I remember Jane Danson had the wackiest hair when she first came into Coronation Street, it was very ‘Ginger Spice’ and I remember trying to get my hair the same.

Have you enjoyed revisiting Eva’s feisty side for her rows with Toyah?
Yes, we haven’t seen that side from her for quite some time, so it’s nice to see that little glint in her eye again. I’ve loved it and I can’t wait to see what happens further down the line. Toyah should absolutely be scared of Eva -things could really go a bit crazy.

What response have had you had from the public since Aidan began playing away with Maria?
Everyone is Team Eva, which I’m quite pleased about. It’s been great fun to play, Shayne is the sweetest guy in real life and I love working with Samia as well. I feel really lucky.


If you could bring in a Hollywood movie star to play Eva’s new man, who would you choose and why?
Will Smith! He’s hunky, he’s beautiful, he’s a gentleman and he;s very funny. I think that would be great for her to have someone like that because he’s a bit more chilled out with a sense of humour and it would help keep her feet on the ground. She needs an alpha male – someone who will look after her and treat her like a princess.

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