Celebrity Big Brother star Calum Best’s reaction to his mum joining the house was priceless

The footballer's son was absolutely gobsmacked when Angie Best walked through the door


If CBB star Calum Best‘s shocked reaction is to be believed, Big Brother kept him totally in the dark about a very big secret: his mum had also signed up to the Channel 5 reality show. 


And it was worth the deceit just for the look on Calum’s face. 

The son of late footballer George Best was left with his jaw on the floor when Angie Best walked through the door, as Calum asked James Jordan: “Is that my mum? Is that my mum?”

He clearly had mixed feelings about the stunt, adding: “Oh bless her, bless her! But – shoot me now.”

Calum also had to give his mum credit for keeping quiet about signing up for Celebrity Big Brother: “What a sly dog! Oh my god I love it though.”

 The audience loved it, too.

Well played indeed.


Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm on Channel 5