What time is the next episode of Sherlock on TV?

You've seen opening instalment The Six Thatchers - and now you want more! But when can you have it...?


With the first episode of Sherlock series four under your belt, and with that cliffhanger ending to contend with, your mind quite sensibly turns to when you can find out what the hell happens next. Allow us to enlighten you…


Sherlock series 4, episode 2, The Lying Detective

You can see the second instalment on BBC1 on Sunday 8th January. The Lying Detective is based on original Sherlock Holmes story The Adventure of The Dying Detective, and stars Toby Jones as devious villain Culverton Smith.

Sherlock series 4, episode 3, The Final Problem

The concluding part of the series is on BBC1 on Sunday 15th January and promises “laughter, shocks and surprises”. So far, that’s all we know…


Watch Sherlock series 4 episode 2, The Lying Detective, on BBC1 on Sunday 8th January and episode 3 on Sunday 15th January