Did you know Peter Kay was in the original TV adaptation of Mrs Brown’s Boys?

The Car Share creator and Agnes Brown go way back


Mrs Brown’s Boys has been something of a TV sensation since it debuted on BBC1 in 2011 but did you know Agnes and her children have brought their mad family to the small screen before? 


The Original Series or Mrs Brown’s Home Movies as leading man Brendan O’Carroll refers to them, saw a slightly different cast bringing the story to life in a series of mini direct to DVD movies 

And believe it or not, Peter Kay was among the cast, playing a travel agent named Jason, who struggled to help Mrs Brown book a trip to see her sister in Canada. Be warned, it’s as full of expletives as the show itself.


Based on the Mrs Brown stage shows, the DVDs featured several storylines that might seem familiar and some stories you’ve probably never heard before.


And they even feature their own big musical numbers too – like the original version of the ‘Father Quinn Song’.