What did you think of Cunk on Christmas?

Diane Morgan’s misanthropic TV personality Philomena Cunk returned to discover the secrets of the festive season – but did you enjoy it?


After appearing regularly on writer Charlie Brooker’s various Wipe series and specials over the years, dim-witted TV personality Philomena Cunk (played by Diane Morgan) struck out on her own in 2016 to make a pair of unusual spoof documentaries .


Tonight’s offering, Cunk on Christmas, saw the star attempt to discover the true meaning of the season, from the time of Jesus (“as a young man, he kept a low profile in the wood industry”) all the way to the present day when everyone festively stares at their mobile phones in silence. Very festive.

But as the carols fade into the distance and Cunk packs up her presenting bag for another year, it’s time to ask the crucial question – what did you think of her latest investigation? Was it a hilarious new high for the character, or a step too far? 

Would you watch Philomena Cunk interview baffled real-life experts forever, or is the joke wearing a bit thin? Was it the perfect tonic to a week over-stuffed with turket, tinsel and Christmas schmaltz, or would you have preferred to see it aired nearer to Christmas itself?


Whatever your opinions, we want to know them. After all, when it comes to TV it’s you – the audience – who it’s all about, and we’d love to hear what you think. So, share your thoughts and post your review in the comments box below. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got to say…