10 things you might not already know about Game of Thrones

Know nothing? No more...


Game of Thrones fans don’t take their favourite show lightly. They can often reel off fact-after-fan theory and dazzle bystanders with their vast knowledge of the show, its backstory, the books (what, you haven’t read the books?) and the million and one predictions for what still lies ahead. 


Still, even if you’re a Thrones buff, there may be a few facts here to dazzle you. Because the folks at ScreenRant have put together a bundle of information that you may not already know about George RR Martin’s story and the TV series it inspired. Like the violet eyes the Targaeryans were supposed to have. And how Ramsay Bolton could have ended up as Jon Snow.

Take a look below – and let us know if you learned something new…