Sue Perkins tried to help on The Great British Bake Off… and it didn’t end well

The Bake Off presenter has spent six years in the Bake Off tent – but still can't even make a white icing


You’d have thought after six years presenting The Great British Bake Off that Sue Perkins would have learned a thing or two about baking. But judging by her efforts in The Great Christmas Bake Off, she’s spent more time eating than learning.


In the Bake Off Boxing Day episode, Sue gamely tries to help returning baker Janet as she struggles to finish her showstopper challenge, offering to make white icing for her.

“Now, how do I make that? It’s just icing sugar, I can do that,” Sue says.

Famous last words.


A minute later the camera cuts back to Sue looking confused over a mixing bowl: “This seems to have gone rather molten Janet,” she says sheepishly.

“My icing sugar’s not the best,” she adds, before Janet asks whether she actually used flour instead.


Sue gives it a taste: “Oh no that was flour!” she said, before scuttling away from the scene of the crime.

Janet is left to fix the mess, muttering, “I can’t even believe this!”

Mel too pitched in for what proved to be a rather fraught Christmas showstopper challenge. Heading over to Howard’s table, she offered to get her “Bake Off bingo wings out” for him, taking off her jacket and getting stuck in.


“I haven’t even shaved my armpits Howard!” she says, although Mel too probably proved more of a help than a hindrance, crouching by the oven and giving Howard’s bakes a crafty lick.

They may not be the handiest in the kitchen, but Mel and Sue have been the beating heart of Bake Off for the past six years. We would have baked a cake to celebrate their last show – but they’ve probably got Bake Off friends infinitely more qualified for that.


Farewell Mel and Sue. Bake Off won’t be the same without you.