17 lies Love Actually tells us about Christmas

It may be one of our favourite festive films but it's been LYING to us about Christmas all along...




Couldn’t that become a bit of a HR issue?

Even her husband tells her to “give them a quid and tell them to bugger off”.

What is this, the festive equivalent of “we were on a break?”. That’s MORE than enough now.

Everybody knows it’s I’m A Celeb time. FACT.

The fact that Rowan Atkinson’s character was originally supposed to be a Christmas angel is the only explanation we can think of.

If it’s not 2.17pm on the dot on a Tuesday when you’ve got an important meeting or the work Christmas lunch, it’s not a properly scheduled nursery/school nativity.

In our day it was a case of a tea towel on the head for a shepherd, a cardboard crown for a king, and fairy wings for an angel – if you were lucky.

We hate Uncle Jamie and his jammy ways too.

On Christmas Eve. In a country where shops still close on Sundays. 

We’ve been there, lugging suitcases. WE KNOW.

Or is even a thing people care about any more…


That’s right Harry. They’d have to be a classic fool.